It’s not often that I draw Legend of Korra fanart, but maybe I should change that.

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Thank you for everything, Kaoru-dono.

There are a million other things I am required to do but I had a mighty need for a re-imagining of the firefly scene.

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Me and wild-hyacinths got a bit bored during a lecture today, so we collaborated on a little hobbit girl which I later ruined with colors.

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Not now, Yahiko.

Well you see guys… there was this post and and the comment attached to it and well I -

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Nobody seems to be drawing Este these days and I was itching for a monochrome pallet practice session (I don’t think that it really worked). I guess you could also blame that post about Asian clothing that keeps appearing on my dash.

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"Yahiko, give it back right now!
"Come on, ugly! Shouldn’t a sensei be always on their guard?
"This is the last time we’re taking you to visit Hiko!

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I’m gone for a couple of decades and he changes everything

To be honest I just wanted to draw a forest but I think I went down the Rurouni Kenshin nostalgia lane a bit toooooo far. Say he’s visiting Hiko.

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Welcome home, Shinta.

Rurouni Kenshin fanart because why not? As everyone, I have mixed feelings on the OVAs, but the ending is definitely not one of my problems with it. Ignore the fact that I conveniently forgot the bandages okay guys?

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Good luck, big brother!

Turin and Lalaith in no.1 (kiss on the forehead) for the kiss art challenge suggested by beguilingblackness. It was supposed to be sweet but then it started to hurt and now I think I hate myself. 

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Kiss Art Challenge


Give me a pairing and a number and I’ll draw them kissing.

(don’t know if this is already out there, but I suddenly felt like doing it)

  1. on the forehead
  2. on the nose
  3. on the cheek
  4. on the eyelids
  5. on the ear
  6. on the lips (cute)
  7. on the lips (passionate)
  8. on the chin
  9. on the neck
  10. on the shoulder
  11. on the back
  12. on the hand
  13. on the foot
  14. on the leg
  15. on the chest/torso
  16. on the butt
  17. on the naughty-bits

I was trying out some new brushes in photoshop and somehow I ended up drawing Yavanna.

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